Friday, March 9, 2012

Who is Julie Anne San Jose?

     Look at her. Isn't she gorgeous? The way she sing is just amazing. She is... (dandarandan) Julie Anne San Jose. A talent from GMA artist center. She started singing when she was just a little girl. Joined a contest in QTV channel 11 but unfortunately, she didn't won. Rita Iringan I think is the winner. But then some of the finalist of that singing contest (including her) performed a group known as Pop Star Kids (Julie Anne was part of it). They became regular on Gma's SOP rules.. From those times up to present, Julie Anne was the one who had a big break! (woooo).

     I am a fan of this talented girl!!!!!
     check this out! 

     (kahit sa pag-dougie lang niya ng ilang sigundo eh umabot na ng 2.4M plus views!)

(at eto.. feel at home lang ang pagkanta niya)

Let us all follow Julie Anne San Jose on twitter @MyJaps . Oh and follow me also on twitter.. @maSeirreP

that is all.. good day!

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