Friday, March 16, 2012



    Yep! She's awesome indeed! She's working on her debut album these past few days and everyone's excited about it!

      Last March 16, 2012, Julie Anne San Jose had been posting mind-breaking lines on twitter which make the ADIKS (tawag ni Julie Anne @MyJaps sa mga fans niya) curious about it.
Here they are:

  • First it was nothing, now i'm catching feelings 
  • you inspire me at all, everything i do... 
  • A day without you I feel so empty, days seem so dark and blue... 
  • you captured my attention and answered all my questions on what love is supposed to be.. 
  • you're the one i love.. you're the one i love i love... hehe! 

      But later on that night on her posts,
"sige na nga, may aaminin ako sa inyo" she tweeted. 

     Then ADIKS keep retweeting her posts and replying to it. Then she tweeted again,
"bukas na lang kaya, tulog na kayo eh.." Waaaaa!!!! retweet retweet retweet..! 

     Then after a minute later, she tweeted 
"yaman din lamang na ako ay inyong pinipilit, sasabihin ko na..."

    Then she said
"it's a song composed by yours truly & mr leandro mercurio. i did d arrangement & melody. we hope 2 inspire new artists & composers thru dis. "

     After those posts, she tweeted the link of the song she was referring to. I viewed it and OMG!!! The coolest OPM song ever! May rap pa siya! WTF!  The lyrics are cool and everything was perfect! I keep clicking the replay button until now! lol! She's such a phenomenon! Tumatayo balahibo ko...!  

     Here's the song.. An original song by Julie Anne Entitled THE ONE I LOVE . Way cool!

Enjoy!!! You're the one I love Julie Anne!

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