Saturday, March 10, 2012

Editing Photos Without Using Photoshop

          I would like to share a site where I edit my photos. I dunno if some are familiar with but this site offers a lot of powerful tools towards editing your photo. It is fun and exciting while doing experiments On your very own photo. This is better because no payments are needed (which will torn off your pockets), no installations required (which will waste your time), and no reading manuals required (it is easy as 1. 2.. 3...)

 Let me share this photo photo... see the difference? 

        The upper photo is the original shot (unedited), but the lower photo is edited on Picnik.. As you can see that the unedited photo looks blurry and a little bit soft.. But with the help of Picnik, the photo is much more dazzling!!! I adjusted the Sharpness, Cropped it and added a Sepia and Vignette effect.

         You can also add Frames, Stickers, and Texts on your photo to show more of your personality.. You can also try the Collage feature which you mix and match your photos.. 

     Heres is the sample.. (my niece).. 

Isn't it cooooool!? Hurry 'coz Picnik will be closing on April 19, 2012.. :(

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