Friday, March 9, 2012

Is Pnoy Doing His Job Well?

     Noynoy Aquino was born Benigno Simeon Cojuangco III February 8, 1960. He was the only son and was third child among four sisters, the most famous sister was the youngest: Kristina Bernadette or Kris Aquino who is now a very popular and prominent star in television and film. Noynoy was a pure breed Atenista from grade school, high school, up to college. He then graduated from the Ateneo University with a degree in Economics.

          Last 2010, Aquino has been approached by a group of activists and lawyers whose group was called Noynoy Aquino for President. This happened after the death of his mother former president Corazon Aquino. After some weeks of giving the possibility some thought he finally formally announced his bid. He is now officially in the running as a candidate for presidency.

           I didn't vote for Noynoy to become the President of our country. I voted for Manny Villar because honestly, Manny V. have helped lots of people.. Especially the poor. I think Pnoy was elected kasi malaki ang kapit niya.


           President Benigno Aquino III indicated he was not ready to include the freedom of information (FOI) bill on his list of priority measures, saying too much transparency may prove to be a bane rather than a benefit.

         Answering a question on when his administration would include the freedom of information bill in its list of priority measures, Mr. Aquino told Southeast Asian business leaders on Thursday that it would be when all sectors concerned have agreed on the limitations and coverage of such a law mandating transparency in the bureaucracy.
            “You know, having a freedom of information act sounds so good and noble but at the same time—I think you’ll notice that here in this country—there’s a tendency of getting information and not really utilizing it for the proper purposes,” President Aquino said during a question and answer exchange with the forum participants.

No good  
          President Aquino, who had promised to support the bill when he campaigned for president in the 2010 elections, also took a swipe at the country’s newspapers that present opinion as fact—something that he said would not do the country any good.
          “There are so many people who will always look at the bottle half-empty, or sometimes the half-empty bottle even becomes the quarter, quarter-full bottle,” he added.
          Asked when his administration would certify the FOI bill as a priority given that one of the hallmarks of the government’s policies is transparency, President Aquino said: “Once everybody is able to sign off on the limitations and coverage of the freedom of information act.”
        One such issue, President Aquino said, is that some advocates of the transparency measure want Cabinet meetings recorded and immediately made available for the public to watch or listen to.

On Money
          Why did he changed or Philippine money? Para maging unique siya? For him to be recognized? idk! Kulang na lang eh mukha niya ang ilagay sa pera.

On His Smoking Bisyo
          Look at him! He is such a disgrace! Nakakasukang tignan! He has rejected calls to quit smoking, saying his habit would help him deal with the severe pressures of his new position. Aquino brushed aside calls from health groups that quitting smoking would set a good example for the country.
“I will be coming under a lot of pressure. Should I add another unnecessary pressure? Maybe that might even affect my decisions on what I should do,” Aquino told reporters.

Nasa huli ang pagsisisi....

Let us all just pray on what will happen on our country this 2012. I hope that everyone will be positive about our president's decisions. Pangulong Noynoy Aquino, do everything on how to enhance our country. Tulungan ang mas nangangailangan...

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